Simple Steps to Care for Your Favorite Potted Plant


A potted plant can be a plant that is grown in a cooking pot or compartment instead of in the ground. Potted plants are preferred as they are simple to care for and will be moved around quickly. Growing Potted plants can be a fun and rewarding hobby, and there are some stuff you should know before getting started.

The very first thing you must know about growing potted plants (개업화분) is that they will need well-drained earth. Garden soil which is too thick will not likely allow normal water to correctly empty, and this may lead to root decay. To ensure great water flow, mix perlite or coarse beach sand into your potting garden soil at the ratio of 1 part perlite or yellow sand to 2 elements planting soil.

After that, you should choose the right pot to your plant. The cooking pot must be about 2-4 ” wider in comparison to the cause soccer ball of your respective plant. In the event the container is way too tiny, your plant may become underlying-limited and can not have access to enough area to grow. In the event the pot is just too sizeable, a lot of earth will continue to be wet which may also bring about cause decay.

It’s also important to make sure that your cooking pot has drainage slots towards the bottom in order that water can effectively deplete out. In case your pot does not have water flow openings, make sure you add more them before planting. This can be done by drilling small openings towards the bottom of your cooking pot using a power drill or simply by using a hammer and nail to make small indentations all around the base surface of the cooking pot.

Lastly, when watering your Potted plants, make sure to water thoroughly until water is available out of your water flow slots in the bottom from the cooking pot. Then, permit the garden soil dry out completely before watering once more. This will aid stop root decay and can keep the plants and flowers healthy and delighted.


Potted plants really are a well-liked choice for residences and offices because they are effortless to look after and may be relocated around effortlessly. If you’re contemplating developing Potted plants, there are several issues you should know just before getting started, which includes how to pick the correct container and how to water it correctly. With some proper care, you will enjoy stunning vegetation in the house all year long!