Learn more about the life and studies developed by Robert Stravinsky

Born and raised on the southern coast of Massachusetts, Robert Stravinsky spent his early years in Norwell with his parents and older sister, where he developed a passion for history, science, and sports from an early age.
He spends most of his summers at the beach because he also likes to surf. He attended Norwell Public Schools, where Robert Stravinsky graduated from high school in 2011, and then attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he received a degree in kinesiology in 2015.
Robert Stravinsky developed a passion for helping people with their health, so he pursued a master’s degree in physical therapy at Boston University in 2019. In doing so, he prepared himself for a career in health care and researched academic practice presented at the annual APTA conference.
Robert Stravinsky’s primary focus was on ambulatory orthopedic care, beginning his career in Waltham, Massachusetts. During this time, he completed a fellowship in the Department of Orthopedic Manual Therapy, furthering his clinical skills.
He then returned to the South Shore, where his family was based, and is also passionate about helping and applying his knowledge and treatment to patients in the area. Robert Stravinsky has many hobbies besides physiotherapy, including weekly exercise, which is very important to him. So is he, and he enjoys skiing, surfing, sailing, hiking, sailing, and fishing with his father.
He’s a huge New England sports fan so he would play in his spare time. He also likes dogs and owns a two-year-old golden retriever, Murphy, who always claims he never gets bored around him.
Now sober from his alcohol problem, this part of his life as an active member of various AA groups in the community has given him a new spiritual awareness. He is proud of the balance he has found in his life.
He always tries to get the positive out of everything he does and tries to leave a mark that helps and changes the lives of many people who are sometimes affected by mobility problems. Or that they have suffered traumatic accidents, and then he allows themto recover the normality of their lives with his knowledge.