Get to know the guitar chords (chord kuncigitar) through the right place

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Almost all the chords on this platform have been published as guitar chords. Almost all of these chords on this website were published as basic guitar chords. If you want to know everything about chords, it is advisable to check out this competent place.
A chord is usually a great combination of three notes. It is ideal to know them because they are in charge of defining the tones where a song is played. The chords that you must know to be able to play the guitar are the D Major and the D.
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Chord quality
The type of chord you will play will depend on all the intervals between the notes of the chords. The chord’s quality has a unique sound. Some sound sad, others happy. There are several types of chords. These are: minor, major, diminished, suspended, extended, augmented major seventh, and minor seventh.
Surely at some point, you have heard of some chord. You need to know how each one works to become a professional in the world of chords.
Chords of more than three notes
Some chords have more than three notes. These are known as tertiary chords or tetrads. These also include seventh chords, extended chords, added chords, and tone groups.
Thanks to this website,, you will be able to learn to identify each type of chord without problems easily. Each one has a different function that makes it unique. If you want to know what music transmits, it is recommended that you know how it is composed and the small details that make it special.
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