Basic things to know about an aircraft engineer’s duties

A Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible for a wide range of duties. And you will need to know these things if you have a company who owns aircraft or personally you have any jet.
Aircraft Technical Log (ATL) faults discovered during inspections are addressed-
The aircraft’s skin is visually inspected, and the condition of landing gear components, leaky connections, proper fitting of parts, and operational controls are noted for serviceability purposes.
Maintains an aircraft’s airworthiness and safety by addressing any other elements that might impact its performance.
Maintenance schedules and instructions for the use of appropriate equipment may need to be altered if repairs, replacements, or changes are required.
Aircraft components may be removed and replaced, and inspection panels can be opened to check or disconnect aircraft connections, fuel lines, and electrical wires and satisfy the Approved Maintenance Program (AMP) requirements.
In order to remove and replace essential components such as landing gear or any other parts from the aircraft, it is determined when and how the aircraft should be supported on jacks.
The structural repair instructions from the Type Certificate (TC) holder are used to ensure that necessary modifications and repairs are carried out, such as the replacement of damaged material in metal skin surfaces by cutting a new metal patch. Ensures that structural elements are repaired in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations by reading engineering drawings.
Services such as tire inflation, gasoline, oil replenishment, and the cleaning and replacement of light bulbs are overseen by the service manager. Equipment, hand tools, and other items are utilized in line with the Type Certificate holder’s requirements.
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