All the practices of Nihar Gala are oriented to help the youngster achieve the best result

The intervention of the family doctor professional such as Nihar Gala should focus on offering guidance to those families who live in circumstances that may favor the development of problems related to drug use, trying to achieve early detection of the problem.
Addictive disorders are diseases that, like most diseases, affect those who suffer from them in the first person and the people around them. Those who suffer the most from the consequences of the disease of addiction are family members, especially parents and partners.
It is a great opportunity to be able to treat addiction at the hands of an expert. Nihar Gala applies treatments from a cognitive-behavioral approach based on different processes, including consultations, psychological tests, neurological tests, individualized therapy, follow-up, and aftercare.
Mental health diseases such as addiction require specialized treatments and suitable environments that allow retraining the patient’s behavior. It is often necessary to remove the patient from the familiar environment to assess the origin of the addiction episodes.

Assess in depth the impact of addiction

Nihar Gala provides various family health services to address addiction and chronic pain from its different approaches to reducing anxiety. Complete psychiatric services, including psychological and neurological tests, define a diagnosis. All these practices are geared to help the youngster achieve the best result. Each process supports achieving the desired progress while involving the family.
Assessing the impact of addiction on the family is difficult, largely due to the nature of the relationship and the financial implications. It is a painful and exhausting process that generates great emotional discomfort. Families are very tense and present symptoms of stress, constant worries, and stigmatization. In addition, feelings of failure and hopelessness appear.

For the healing of psychological trauma

Usually, the relative of the addict does not go to psychological therapy looking for help for himself. Although he participates in the addict’s recovery process, he must go to therapy to heal the trauma that living with that person represents. That is why the family doctor Nihar Gala proposes that the family follow a recovery process.